Coral Energy: an energy commodity company
We conduct oil trading and servicing activities across 5 continents
Our primary goal: establish long-term business partnerships
The cornerstone of our philosophy for conducting business lies in building and developing strategic partnerships with our customers that help them meet their business objectives and fulfill their enterprise needs
Our business model: connect suppliers with consumers
We link producers to end-consumers by using our proprietary knowledge, established infrastructure and logistical networks
What we do
In a dynamic global trading environment, we ensure steady deliveries of oil and oil products from supplier to consumer by making practical and effective use of our global partnerships, while remaining dedicated to the utmost operational standards and adhering to strict risk management processes.
Mission & Vision
Employ our business corporate culture to further expand Coral Energy’s global reach and presence by developing the company’s unique brand and reputation.
Our flexible structure allows us to accommodate a wide variety of traded products and services and procure their execution in an efficient manner.
Corporate Governance
We constantly evaluate the impact of our activity on the local populations and global communities influenced by our lines of business, while remaining accountable and transparent towards our partners and shareholders.
Coral Energy Group is headquartered in Dubai, UAE, but you can meet us also in Geneva, Istanbul, Kiev, Moscow, Riga, and Singapore. Coral Energy Group is constantly assessing new expansion opportunities within the global commodities markets and is open to the creation and development of new strategic partnerships.